Time to Stop Believing? “Glee” May Feature Original Songs Next Season


For its next trick, "Glee" will attempt to hold a high note while jumping a shark.

That is, if the series' music supervisor, P.J. Bloom, is to be believed. At a recent Guild of Music Supervisors event, Bloom allegedly claimed that there was a "possibility" that "Glee" could begin featuring original songs next season.

The Hollywood Reporter goes on the say that the concept may be worked into the show's plot - with a class assignment being the impetus for the musical teens to begin writing their own stuff.

Although this is all very nebulous, it does smack of the tribute band frontman who starts thinking he's actually good enough to be Freddy Mercury. In other words, "Glee" may be misunderstanding why people tune in to the show.

Football players singing "Thriller"? Fine. Football players singing their own compositions? Yikes.

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