Christmas Watch List: An Angel Gets Its Wii Fit

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Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch at home while you tear open the shutters and throw up the sash. What the heck is a sash, anyway? LET’S GO!

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE – 8:00PM Tonight (NBC) I’d watch this movie more often if Frank Capra hadn’t felt compelled to show you ALL of George Bailey’s life before getting to the good part. It takes a long, long time for that guardian angel to show up. If I were the enterprising sort, I’d buy the rights to the movie and cut a DVD called “It’s A Wonderful Life: Just The Creepy Alternate Reality Part”. That’s all anyone watches of it anymore. ANTICIPATION: LET’S GO GET HIM, EVERYONE!

A CHRISTMAS FOR EVERYONE – 11:30PM Tonight (CBS) After this kids hit the hay, tune into this midnight service from New York’s Church of St. Paul and St. Mary. Should provide you with all the peace and quiet you need until the five-year-old smacks you awake at 3AM. ANTICIPATION: SOLEMN!

NUGGETS/THUNDER – 8:00PM Christmas Day (ESPN) The NBA has games all day on Christmas, and there’s an NFL game on as well (Arizona/Dallas on NFL Network). That’s just how much sports love you. You don’t see NFL players going on vacation! Except for seven months out of the year. ANTICIPATION: DRIBBLY!

THE SOUND OF MUSIC – 7:00PM Sunday (ABC) I’ve never seen this movie. Is it really that good? It certainly looks long. ANTICIPATION: HILLS ALIVE!

VIKINGS/EAGLES – 8:30PM Sunday (NBC) And wrap up your holiday by watching Michael Vick plow through Minnesota on the way to an NFC East title. Does anything symbolize the holiday spirit more than a reformed dogfighter earning himself potentially tens of millions in new contract money? I say no. ANTICIPATION: MERRY VICKMAS!

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