Chromecast Gets More Apps


Chromecast will get new apps Tuesday, including Plex, RealPlayer Cloud and Vevo, according to a report.

Chrome was rumored to be getting more apps and app support, and it's looking like that's starting to happen, according to GigaOm. On Tuesday, Chromecast gained support for local media playback, podcasts and Facebook photos because of Plex, RealPlayer Cloud, Vevo, Viki and aVia.

It seems that many app makers were interested in Chromecast but few seemed to commit to supporting their creations. And it seems that now Chromecast has more than one option for a personal or local media player -- both Plex, RealPlayer Cloud and aVia. aVia which plays videos, music and photos and storage. However, it's currently on available to subscribers. 

Chromecast will also get podcast player BeyondPod, PostTV from the Washington Post, RedbullTV, Vevo, Revision 3,  online music service Songza and TV platform Viki.

Adding these services and apps can only make Chromecast stronger, which helps Google and consumers wanting to cut the cable cord.

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