CipherCloud Welcomes All Ages

At a time when many job hunters in Silicon Valley see becoming older as a disadvantage, cloud security startup CipherCloud seems to be hiring all ages and backgrounds.

"We build a strong team and we hire people based on talent and a desire to contribute," chief executive and founder Pravin Kothani told Press:Here. "We hire people that believe in our mission statement of customer success, excellence, commitment and teamwork."

Kothani said that the different age groups have their own strengths. Millennials tend to have an affinity for technology, understand younger users and more open to new ideas or learning new skills. The older workers tend to have more experience solving problems and issues that come up, he said. Nonetheless, his 435-employee company works well with their varying skill sets.

"We all share a common vision," he said. "We can get everyone to work together."

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