Claire Danes' So-Called Emmy for “Temple Grandin”

Fifteen years after her Best Actress nod for "My So-Called Life," Claire Danes took home the prize for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie, for her work in the title role of HBO's "Temple Grandin."

"Well thank you, HBO, for like, existing. And thank you for helping make television so vital and electric," was how Danes opened her acceptance speech.

And she's right, because really no one else is making TV movies or mini-series that matter. A look at the nominees shows the network absolutely dominated, with productions like "You Don't Know Jack," "The Pacific," and "The Special Relationship."

There was a time in this country when mini-series and made-for-TV movies were prestige projects that the networks rolled out for sweep weeks. Then the genre devolved into overwrought garbage. Big ups to HBO for making it a worthwhile effort once again.

Danes joins co-stars David Strathairn and Julia Ormond, as well as director Mike Jackson, as well as the movie itself in tonight's winner's circle. If you haven't seen "Temple Grandin," it's a fascinating real-life story about a women with severe autism who revolutionized the way livestock, making it a far more humane affair. Yeah, that sounds kinda dopey and lame, but it's a good movie.

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