From Pet Puzzles to Back Scratchers: Unusual Gifts for Furry Friends

Pet owners across the U.S. spend billions on their pets — and not just on kibble and catnip


Found your perfect pet match?

The next step is spoiling your newest family member with toys and treats.

While budgeting for pet ownership is serious business, some pet lovers spare no expense when it comes to making purchases for their furry friends. Pet owners across the U.S. spend billions on their pets — and not just on kibble and catnip. 

From high-tech gadgets to gourmet treats, here are some of the most unusual gifts to buy your pet: 

Cat Massager ($24.99)

After a long day of catnaps and clawing scratching posts, a cat needs to unwind. The Senses 2.0 Wellness center includes brushes, textures and massage ridges to help your cat groom and relax. The massager even has a gum stimulator that works like a cat toothbrush. 

FitBark ($69.95)

Need help keeping your pet in shape? FitBark allows you to covert your dog's everyday activity into points, and you track your pup's fitness progress. If the device shows your dog has been lazing around the house all day, it will encourage you to get your dog into healthier patterns by heading to the park, for example. The FitBark comes with a monitor, collar band and charging cord. 

Cat Puzzle ($12.95)

Let your cat stimulate its brain with a good, old-fashioned puzzle. The Cat Amazing puzzle encourages your pet to stay busy by trying to remove shapes from holes in a box. The interactive cat toy is ideal for kittens with developing minds and a lot of energy.  

Obey The Purebreed ($4.50-$26)

You probably realize that you are a mere servant to your dog, and obey its every command. Why not have the political propaganda illustrating that? T-shirts, buttons and mugs are among the items you can purchase to show loyalty to your K-9.

Cat DJ Scratching Deck ($35, plus $25 shipping)

Let your cat get a piece of the electronic music craze. DJs have been scratching vinyls for decades, and cats have been scratching everything... forever. The Cat DJ Scratching Deck dulls down cat claws and makes it look like your cat is about to drop the bass.

Snuggie for Dogs ($5.50 for Blue $8.50 for Pink)

A lazy Sunday calls for curling up with your dog in matching snuggies. The snuggie — a blanket with sleeves — can even be worn outside, if you are worried about your pet's legs getting chilly in the cold. The garment, made of "ultra-warm, machine washable fleece," comes in blue or pink. 

$1,000 Jerky Treats ($1,000)

Even pets can have exquisite taste. This $1,000 jerky is made with all-natural Kobe beef infused with truffle oil. Organic Pet Boutique donates a percentage of the proceeds to Best Friends Animal Society, the nation's largest no-kill shelter. Don't count on your high-end pooch going back to store-brand treats after this gift.

Beer for Dogs ($23.99)

The dog is known as man’s best friend, so why not share a cold one with your pet? Crack open a Bowser Beer to flavor your dog's water or kibble. Bowser Beer allows owners to customize beer bottles with picture of their dogs. Don't worry: Your dog can still be the designated walker — Bowser Beer contains no alcohol. 

Tinkle Tush ($5.99)

Tinkle Tush is makes a fashionable accessory for your cat's behind. "Tinkle Tush is a jewel you hang from your cat's tail. Add some bling to your cat's bum and watch them strut their stuff," the company's website reads. The self-described "gag gift" is available online.  

Food Tree ($19.99)

It's not uncommon for cats to eat too quickly. The Senses Food Tree is a feeding solution that makes your cat work for its food. It is designed to make cats playfully paw their food through multiple side openings.

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