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Cloudcheck Rates Your Data Connection

John Cioffi, former Stanford professor, Internet Hall of Fame innovator and "father of DSL" is still looking to improve broadband and Internet connections around the world as  the chief executive of ASSIA, a broadband solutions vendor. But Cioffi said that the key to good Internet speeds is the consumer.

"We have sold (our) products to phone companies to help them use their systems better," he told Press: Here, "but the consumer ultimately has the power and they need to get what they're paying for."

A way for users to do this is using ASSIA's Cloudcheck app, which allows consumers to analyze their data connection and check if the connection is being "throttled" or find the bottleneck that is slowing down the system, according to the app.

Aside from Cloudcheck, ASSIA also works to create better solutions for broadband providers, including coming up with cost-effective ways to bring the Internet to consumers. "That is the theme, doing it cost-effectively," Cioffi said. "If you use the existing copper whenever it's present, use fiber prudently and then use whatever wireless spectrum is available . . . you can come up with combinations that give a much better, economical use than running fiber to everyone."

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