Coachella's Hot, but You Can Cool Down

April in Indio is toasty, so find the frosty treats you'll hanker for at the famous fest.

OH GOODNESS IT'S WARM: If you're planning to call upon the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio over the middle two weekends of April 2019, you'll probably eventually say something along those lines, or your friend will, or you'll see random people seeking out strips of shade, probably near massive art installations. Because the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival? If it isn't totally fiery, it is pretty dang toasty, and if it isn't exactly toasty, well, the sunbeamage is mighty intense. Because it is springtime, right around where the Mojave Desert meets the Colorado Desert, one of the planet's most sublime and sunshiny spots. How to cool down, though, if you can't huddle beneath a ginormous art installation or inside a concert-rocking tent? There are...

FROSTY DRINKS AND TREATS... aplenty to consider, and the 2019 iced-up extravaganza will definitely keep the chill-down drinks and desserts flowing. The Peet's Cold Brew Tap Room is sure to see some cool-me-down queues as people wait to order the "delicious, frothy experience" (find it close to the Gobi Stage). Look also for the cooling misters at the vintage Peet's bus, where free cold brew samples will be handed out at select dates and times. Also on the lower-the-temp horizon? Plenty of straight-from-the-icebox goodies may be found at Indio Central Market, like Van Leeuwen's Ice Cream, cold java from LAMILL, and Sno Cones at George & Mirtha's.

FOR SURE, heartier sustenance will be so easy to find, buy, and devour, too, but when it is super noon-y out, as in, the sun is doing its intense, glare-down thing, a treat with ice and oomphy is just pure joy. Find out more at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival food HQ now.

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