Puerto Rico

Stephen Colbert Challenges Celebs to Tweet Pubescent Pics of Themselves to Raise Money for Puerto Rico

Through the Americone Dream Fund, Colbert has said he will donate $1,000 to per awkward photo that includes the hashtags #puberme or #PuertoRicoRelief

What's wrong with sharing a horribly awkward picture from your pubescent years if it's for a good cause?

That's what "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert asked when he challenged celebrities to share their very awkward high school age photos of themselves on social media as a way of raising money for Hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

"Why not do some good as well. So I thought hey I'm gonna challenge celebrities out there. If you put out a photo of yourself at a very awkward pubescent age I will make sure that the Colbert Americone Dream Fund will give money to OneAmericaAppeal.org for every tweet to #PuertoRicoRelief," Colbert said.

Several celebrities have already jumped to the cause including Sarah Silverman, Conan O'Brien and James Corden.

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