“Colbert” Crew Punks Stephen After Walker's Win

Colbert was thrilled by Scott Walker's recall victory—but his crew was none too pleased.

On Wednesday's edition of "The Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert addressed Scott Walker's gubernatorial recall election victory, which many political pundits are touting as a major blow to labor unions.

Of course, faux-conservative Stephen Colbert was ecstatic about what Fox News host Sean Hannity called the "repudiation" of union politics.

"Woo! We did it! It's the end of unions!" Colbert shouted.

"Jimmy, where's my balloon drop?" Colbert asked his perpetually unseen fictional show director.

Jimmy answered over the PA system: "Uh, a lot of union people work on the show, and they're kind of upset."

"Alright, you lost, so let's be professional about this. Drop something," Colbert replied.

And so they did. Check out the full clip below for the crew's surprise—something Don Corleone and Tony Soprano would surely appreciate. 

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