Conan Tweets Twittering Tweaks

On his second night as host of "The Tonight Show," Conan O'Brien introduced a new feature: Twitter Tracker.

The recurring gag features celebrity tweets – like “This line is insane, am I ever going to get my latte,” presumably from Miley Cyrus – delivered in a thundering, wrestling announcer-like voice. O’Brien grows mores exasperated with each breathless pronouncement, asking, “Who cares?”

It's a fun takeoff not only on Twitter, but the celebrities whose tweets dominate much of the media coverage of the social networking service – and whose often gramatically challenged posts of 140 characters or less actually become fodder for news.

Now, as Mashable reveals, O’Brien has quietly taken the joke a meta step ahead: He’s started a website and a Twitter account based on the bit, basically retweeting celebrity posts with sarcastic commentary.

“WE'RE ALL A WINNER WHEN PINK HAS A DELICIOUS DINNER!!!!! RT @Pink thanks to north bondi italian for a yummy dinner! soooo. good,” is just one example.

It’s a simple but smart move that lets O’Brien mock Twitter and its well-known tweeters while taking advantage of the microblogging service’s reach. He’s also taking a cue from his “Late Night” successor Jimmy Fallon, who is cultivating a young fan base by using social media.

With tough competition like David Letterman, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, O’Brien is trying to keep – and build – “The Tonight Show” audience, as well as get laughs, anyway he can.

O’Brien, who possesses a self-deprecating wit, is at his best when targeting the silliness and excesses of celebrity, such as in his old Clutch Cargo-style “interviews.” As 16-year-old Cyrus, one of his targets, tweeted this week, “my tweets were just on headline news- people twitter is NOT news! i just wanna live and learn.”

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