GOP’s Best Bet for VP: Condi Rice

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“Super Tuesday” wasn’t quite as fun this year because, frankly, we weren’t involved.

California is in a money crunch and splitting off the presidential primary from the one in June was just going to cost too much.

Will there still be a race when it’s our turn?

Maybe. But probably not.

So, allow me to jump to the next thing that will occupy our attention once it appears Willard “Mitt” Romney wins the nomination.

The Running Mate.

There will be talk of Rubio from Florida and Christie from New Jersey, but if the GOP has any chance of winning in the general election there is only one person to ask, and happily she lives in California.

Conndolezza Rice, the former Secretary of State and Stanford Provost, wouldn’t carry California but she would bring to the ticket much the GOP desperately needs: diversity, intellect, experience and excitement.

Four years ago political consultant Steve Schmidt gave the world Sarah Palin, who needed a high school civics lesson before she faced the press. As we all remember, the Katie Couric interview didn’t go so well.

Independent voters and yes, the media, will take note of the very different candidate this time.

There will be no need to tutorials. Rice won’t call the Vice President “Joe” because she couldn’t remember his last name.

She may not be able to see Russia from her front porch, but she does have a Phd in Soviet studies and has negotiated with the Kremlin.

She would also be the first woman to become a heartbeat from the Presidency.

Right now there are many in the GOP who have grown so tired and discouraged with the Republican primary process that more than a few are privately predicting President Obama’s easy re-election.

It is still a long way to November and whoever the GOP candidate is will have opportunities. One of them is currently teaching political Science at Stanford.

For now.

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