Convention Notebook

A guide to politics' Big Show

Convention talk has quickly turned from last night's festivities -- Bush's televised speech praising McCain and Lieberman's heartfelt appeal to Dems to to elect his long-time friend -- and focused once again on the little-known, first-term governor from Alaska who will give the most important speech of her life tonight,  days after she made public the pregnancy of her 17-year-old daughter and amid a flurry of questions about her preparedness.

  • Palin's speech will be about reform and some "A-list reporters" are already demanding a paternity test for Palin's youngest son, four-month-old Trig, according to Politico. It appears Palin has more than an unflattering US Weekly cover to worry about.
  • In her speech tonight, the former beauty pageant contestant needs to appeal to middle class Americans by showcasing her own economic struggles raising five kids, according to conservative columnist Cal Thomas, who squares off against Democratic strategist Bob Beckel in USA Today.
  • While Republicans are busy navigating the choppy, scandal-ridden waters, Harold Meyerson of the WaPo reminds us that there's a convention going on, and that Republicans have been ignoring the economy. Also, the lack of diversity and consequent "whiteness" is unnerving.  
  • Bush reflected little, if at all, on his eight years in office and acted simply as the "lowliest publicist" being outdone by McCain pal Joe Lieberman, who gave the final speech of the evening, writes David Hinckley in the NY Daily News.
  • And, even though Palin served him cupcakes for his birthday a few months ago, Mike Doogan writes in the WaPo that she isn't ready to lead. Likable, definitely. Electable, not so much.
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