Cruisin' California

Cruisin’ for Fun: This year, the San Diego County Fair will take its love affair with classic cars to a whole new level. Each week of the fair, held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, some of the most popular types of classic cars will be featured. Exotic and luxury cars kick things off June 10-12. Muscle cars and tuners will take center stage June 14-19. Move over for the lowriders rolling in June 21 to 26. Not to be outdone, the woodies and hot rods will finish last (but in a good way) June 28 – July 4.

Motor Memories: Along with seeing some of the great classic car characters like the General Lee and the Ecotmobile from Ghost Busters, fairgoers can share some of their thoughts on a special memory wall. There’ll also be a special 75th anniversary exhibit that will include the place car racing holds in the fairgrounds history.

Spike’s Sweetheart: Guys will have the chance to see Courtney Hansen in person. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you aren’t a fan of Spike TV. Hansen has been hosting “PowerBlock “ for six years showing off her fair share of million dollar rides and tricked out cars. She'll be appearing in person June 18.

Admission: There are more than a few options including daily ticktes, a season pass and the pay-one-price ride day.

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