Cruz Campaigns in North Dakota, Says Trump Nomination Guarantees Clinton Win

All 28 delegates in North Dakota are free to back whomever they personally support.

Sen. Ted Cruz urged North Dakota party activists and delegates to back him over Donald Trump, warning that a Trump nomination would guarantee a win for Hillary Clinton, NBC News reported.

Cruz said that Republicans are coalescing in opposition to Trump, who still leads the GOP field nationally, despite a drop in his poll numbers.

They understand that "nominating Donald would be a trainwreck," the Texas politician said. "Nominating Donald elects Hillary Clinton."

Cruz noted the significance of North Dakota's delegates: "It is entirely possible the men and women here will decide this entire primary — will decide this nomination," he said on stage.

The state doesn't have a primary or a caucus. All 28 delegates are free agents, and can back whomever they personally support. 

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