Verizon IPhone: Return of the Death Grip

Does your Verizon iPhone sometimes take a long time to load when you grip it tightly or hold it sideways? Perhaps you have fallen victim to the iPhone "Death Grip" and its new counterpart, the "Death Hug," according to a report.

iLounge is reporting the phenomenon. It even added a seven-minute video to show the proof in its pudding. (While the video is eventually illuminating, it's not altogether thrilling, but see below.) Users may remember the Antennagate problem from last year -- when Apple finally gave out free protective bumpers to protect the antenna from human contact -- that was not supposed to follow the Verizon CDMA model.

While some people say that in the video, Charles Starrett of iLounge  is gripping the iPhone too deliberately, it doesn't quite explain the new "Death Hug" grip. The "Death Hug" means cradling the phone sideways and firmly in your hands, which can lessen the wi-fi signal and slow downloading so much that you can feel yourself start to evolve.

I don't think the problem is enough to get a refund on your iPhone, but it may be enough to get a bumper or iPhone case. Users should also remember that although you may love your iPhone, don't love it to death.

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