Death Valley Flowers: Buds Are Springing

Globemallow and other springtime flora are beginning to pop up around the national park.

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RIGHT ABOUT THE TIME... that March arrives is when people who love to garden start to truly picture what's going to happen over the next few weeks. Those bulbs planted weeks ago may show some color, and various trees will soon begin to break into tiny buds. But if you really dig the whole spring's-nearly-here flower scene, you don't have to wait on your own yard to do its impressive thing. You only need to look to the deserts, where the first waves of wildflowers are starting to make a snapshot-worthy stand. Of course, there has been some...

TEMPERING OF EXPECTATIONS... in early 2017, because wildflower aficionados have become understandably excited about the huge amounts of rainfall seen in January and February. But rain typically has to arrive earlier than that to help a really spectacular wildflower show, so, already, at places where poppies spring up and other types of flora, rangers and volunteers are saying the 2017 season may be of the more moderate variety. Of course, that can depend, and keeping your eye on reports is the best bet as the days pass. But don't let too many days pass, for...

DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK... is already reporting back on globemallow sightings and some flower-nice action around Saratoga Springs. If you're planning a March lark in the arid-awesome landscape, with some flower-y sightseeing on the side, watch the DVNP social media feeds for up-to-the-minute, or at least up-to-the-day, reports on what's happening on the ground. (Also, if you do do a Death Valley day trip, don't forget to water your own flowers, which are well on their way.)

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