Watch: Bluffs Collapse Near Train Tracks in Del Mar

The bluffs collapsed near 15th Street, impacting the nearby train tracks as passersby looked on in awe

A set of bluffs collapsed in Del Mar Friday as a researcher was studying the erosion in the area caused by the recent powerful storm that struck the county.
He captured the collapse on video as awestruck onlookers gasped.

Matt Burgess, with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, was working in the area when, suddenly, the soil at some bluffs on 15th Street near the train tracks gave out, falling toward the shoreline to the beach below.

"Wow! There it goes," an onlooker could be heard saying in the video captured by Burgess. "I knew that was coming."

The soil and rocks crackled as they continued sliding toward the sand.

"That was impressive," the onlooker added.

"It's not done, that one there is still coming," Burgess can be heard saying in the video.

Seconds later, another large piece of rock dislodged from the bluffs and rolled down.

No one was hurt in the bluff collapse.

An official with the City of Del Mar Lifeguards said approximately 50 yards of bluff 5 to 6-feet in depth collapsed around 12:15 p.m. near the train tracks.

City officials said there were no plans to close off the area near the bluffs but the incident did cause delays for the Coaster train service, the North County Transit District said.

The NCTD planned for trains to stop at Sorrento Valley and Solana Beach. At 12:45 p.m., the NCTD said a bus bridge was in place for northbound Coaster 645 passengers. Two buses would pick up passengers at Sorrento Valley and make all stops northbound to Oceanside.

At 1 p.m., the NCTD said Coaster train 645 had been canceled and passengers would have to use train 651 instead. Just after 2 p.m., the NCTD said the train tracks had reopened in the Del Mar area. Train 651 was operating on schedule and would not be impacted.

While train service was stopped, officials checked out the bluffs to make sure the area was safe.

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