Discover Your Inner Ansel Adams


PHOTO SCHOOL: While there are certain activities that are almost expected while visiting a national park -- we'll put petting a horse, skipping a stone, and drinking a hot toddy at a lodge high among them -- there are other fun and education-rich activities that may not spring immediately to mind. For example, there are numerous photo classes going on in Yosemite, both of the multi-day sort and lessons that last a doable half-day. One of the two orgs behind the classes happens to be The Ansel Adams Gallery (the other company is DNC Parks & Resorts), so bet a lot of the epic landmarks that Mr. Adams turned his camera upon during his Yosemite days will be visited.

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ANSEL ADAMS: That's the title of one of the half-day classes; Using Your Digital Camera is the other. The tuition for each is $95. There are are also several multi-day courses, including black-and-white photo-focused one with Alan Ross, who assisted Mr. Adams. Check out all and see if there is one that fits with your shutterbuggy goals. And always pay a visit to the gallery while in Yosemite; if you know it, you know there are few more bustling spots in the park (and hoo boy, do they have everything Ansel Adams-related; for this we are glad).

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