Dish Network Challenges Google for Hulu

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It looks like all the bids are in, and Dish Network ended up with the highest figure at $1.9 billion for the service.

But don't count Google out! They made a much bigger $4 billion bid for a more comprehensive deal. What's gonna happen??

Well, now Hulu needs to figure out what it wants. Dish wants not only the streaming content but also the tech behind it, which is why their bid was higher than players like Amazon and Yahoo who weren't too psyched about the two-year expiration date on content deals. And that's also why Google offered so much more: they want at least twice as much time with all that lovely content.

So Hulu needs to decide which buyer to go with, if either of them. They could decide to not sell to anybody, after all, seeing as they were hoping to have a traditional bid of over $2 billion. We'll just have to see what they end up deciding.

Via Business Insider

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