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Do You Know These Men? Search for Gay Couple Denied 1957 Wedding Pics

Black and white images of an intimate wedding ceremony between two men, held more than half a century ago, recently surfaced online after making their way into the public archives of the ONE Archives Foundation in Los Angeles and the John J. Wilcox Jr. Archives of Philadelphia, NBC News reported. The photos have piqued the interest of LGBTQ history buffs and those who want to find the couple, so the men can finally, six decades later, receive their wedding pictures. 

The snapshots were unearthed by the daughter of a woman who worked at the Philadelphia drugstore where one of the gay men had tried to get the pictures developed, according to ONE Archives Foundation. The shop’s staff, however, deemed the images “inappropriate” and withheld them from the man. 

“My mother had a somewhat photographic memory for faces and retained these in the event the customers who dropped them off ever came back to the shop so that she could give them to the customers on the sly,” the shop worker’s daughter wrote in a letter to the ONE Archives Foundation. 

Check out NBC News' full story here. If you know the grooms, please contact nbcout@nbcuni.com.

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