Dog, Sparky, Rescued From Storm Drain Where It Hid From Coyote

The coyote was too big to fit inside the storm drain, so it left the dog there

A dog named Sparky was rescued from a California storm drain where it took shelter from a coyote Saturday morning, authorities said.

When a neighbor saw a coyote with Sparky in its mouth around 6:30 a.m. in Lake Forest, she tried to shoo it away so the dog could escape, according to Captain William Lackey of the Orange County Fire Department. When the coyote dropped Sparky, he ran into a storm drain to hide.

The coyote was too big to fit inside the storm drain so it left the dog there.

But Sparky needed to be rescued from his hiding spot.

The Orange County Fire Department’s technical rescue team was able to get into the storm drain on the 24000 Block of Paseo Sombra to rescue Sparky.

Lackey said Sparky was in good condition when they rescued him, and was headed to the veterinarian for an evaluation.

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