Caught on Camera: 2 Dogs Rescued After Freeway Sprint

Drivers stopped to help the dogs on the freeway in the San Gabriel Valley

Drivers stopped on a Southern California freeway Saturday to help two dogs who were sprinting alongside traffic.

The dogs were found Saturday running on the 210 Freeway near the 605 Freeway transition in Azusa. Drivers, some of whom got out of their vehicles, attempted to corral the dogs, a German Shepherd and possibly a boxer.

"They were just on the freeway, don't know how they got there," Rochelle Vargas said. "I just had to stop and save them."

Vargas and another motorist stopped and picked up the dogs, who had covered more than a mile on the busy freeway. Other drivers stopped during the rescue.

The exhausted dogs slurped water and were brought to an animal shelter. One appeared to be wearing a collar, but it was not immediately clear whether they had ID tags or microchips.

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