Doh! Steve Jobs Is Homer’s Uncle

Homer Simpson Steve Jobs

Leave it to Cult of Mac to prove what a cult Mac-lovers actually are.

According to the all things Apple site, Steve Jobs and Homer Simpson have more in common than just their receding hairlines.

In fact, the Apple CEO is the real life uncle of the lovable "doh," if he was real of course.

How could a flesh and blood tech guru be the long lost uncle of a cartoon character? Let Cult of Mac explain.

When Jobs was born he was put up for adoption by his real parents Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali because the two were not married at the time.

When the couple finally did tie the knot, the two had a daughter they name Mona Jandali. But Jobs' younger sister ditched both her first and last name when her father abandoned her and her mother. She took her stepfather's name and became Mona Simpson.

Years later when Simpson's was a well-known novelist, she married television writer and producer Richard Appel, who now writes for "The Cleveland Show" but at the time was a writer and producer for "The Simpsons."

In 1995 Appel wrote an episode called "Mother Simpson," where Homer was reunited with his mother Mona. Does the name sound familiar?

Appel (strangely close to Appel) used his wife's name for Homer's mother, making Jobs Homer's uncle.

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