Move Over Don Draper, AMC Goes Zombie

Zombie WomanNBC
David Tattersall, Director of Photography

Eat your brains out, Don Draper.

Production began this week in Atlanta for AMC's adaption of "The Walking Dead," which promises to be a great zombie-fest -- and more than welcome on a network best known for "Mad Men."

They feel it's a perfect fit (even if Don Draper is a lot easier to look at).

"We hope to do for zombies what 'Mad Men' has done for advertising,"  writer/director Frank Darabont says in a promotional video for the six-part series.

Just to make sure their monsters pass the zombie sniff test, the network released this photo of the flesh-eating creatures. Yup, smells like zombie. Please don't get this close to actual zombies at home.

The series is based on Robert Kirkman's best-selling comic "The Walking Dead."

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