Majority Says Trump Hurts GOP Brand: Poll

A new MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist poll shows that 58 percent of adults say that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is hurting the GOP's reputation, compared to just 24 percent who say he is helping its image. And among Hispanics, that margin is 65 percent compared to just 16 percent who say he has helped the party.

Republicans are divided about Trump's impact, with 43 percent saying Trump is helping the GOP's image and 40 percent saying that he has hurt it. In terms of style, 71 percent of Republicans are dubbing Trump's rhetoric as "telling it like it is," while a quarter of Republicans say that Trump's words are "insulting and offensive."

Meanwhile, 35 percent of all adults say that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is hurting her party's image, while 32 percent say she is helping it.

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