Donald Trump

Skywriters Scold ‘Disgusting' Donald Trump Over Rose Parade

A message denouncing Republican billionaire Donald Trump floated high above the Rose Parade in Southern California Friday, calling the presidential candidate "disgusting."

The skywriting scrawled over the annual New Year's Day parade in Pasadena read: "America is great, Trump is disgusting."

Running with the slogan "Make America great again," Trump remains the frontrunner among Republicans vying to be elected president this November. He's retained a lead in the national polls for months, despite being denounced by many for remarks perceived as sexist and racist, including suggesting that Muslims shouldn't be allowed in the country.

Trump hasn't directly responded to the writing, but he did retweet a supporter's response to a report about the skywriting.

"They're spending millions but you're still going to win go Donald Trump," said user @sprinklermanus in reply to a CNN tweet. The user also tweeted Friday that "homosexuality is a sin" and disparaged another Twitter user as a whore.

The Rose Parade winds its way through Pasadena every year on New Year's Day, showcasing large, colorful floats and big marching bands. It precedes the Rose Bowl college football game, where Standford was taking on Iowa Friday.

The game drew more political attention earlier in the day, when candidate Carly Fiorina tweeted she was rooting for Iowa despite having graduated from Stanford.

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