Donny Osmond Reacts To Lady Gaga, Beyonce ‘Telephone' Video: ‘I'm Upset About This'

Donny Osmond isn't happy with Lady Gaga's new "Telephone" video, which features Beyonce.

The racy video — the full length of which features Gaga in a womens' prison and sees the pop star kissing another female inmate, writhing about in a prison yard, dancing in a bikini and a bit of semi-nudity (her bum) — has angered the most recent "Dancing with the Stars" champ.

"I'm all for freedom of speech and against any form of censorship, but all I know is that I'm a parent and I'm upset about this," Donny said on Wednesday during his "Donny Osmond Show" on radio.

The video also includes Beyonce, who duets with Gaga on the song, but Beyonce is not featured in the same kind of scenes as the boundary-pushing Gaga. Donny didn't, however, make a distinction between the two women's scenes in the video.

"I wouldn't want my child to watch this video. Would you? What do you think? Should these two extremely gifted female role models for millions of young girls, maybe, have given a little more thought to the effect it might have on their core audience?" Donny asked his audience.

Donny, known for his strong religious convictions, and for being a squeaky clean pop star during his own younger days, said he thinks the music industry should take a look at their "marketing policies."

"Unlike 20 years ago, in today's modern, viral world in which content becomes instantaneously available irrespective of age, I wonder whether the music industry might need to rethink its marketing policies with regard to making an explicit music video containing profanity, sexual exploitation, nudity, and graphic violence available to anyone with Internet access," the singer, who currently is starring in Las Vegas alongside his sister Marie Osmond — "Donny & Marie" — said.

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