Don’t Post ‘I’m RICH!’ on Facebook After Robbing a Bank


Two people were convicted of bank robbery after bragging about it on Facebook.

Estefany Danelia Martinez, 18, was sentenced Thursday in a Houston federal court to 15 months in prison, while Arturo Solano drew was given a 10-month sentence.

Both pleaded guilty to bank robbery and embezzlement. Martinez was a bank teller who authorities say recruited Solano and another suspect to steal more than $62,000 in a March 23 robbery. Two others involved in the heist will be sentenced next week and next month.

A tipster contacted police after Martinez posted on her boyfriend’s Facebook page, “IM RICH.” Another suspect wrote, "(I) WIPE MY TEETH WITH HUNDREDS."

When confronted by the Facebook status updates, Martinez confessed her involvement and implicated three others, authorities said.

Apparently people still aren't learning from the many examples of Facebook stupidity. People have lost jobs, jurors been hauled before a judge and others have lost marriages over careless remarks on the social network, so why should bank robbery be any different?

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