Double Eagle Resort: Free Alfresco Yoga

Commune with the epic peaks as you downward dog at the June Lake getaway.

Double Eagle Resort

YOGA FLOWS ON MANY LEVELS, inside, outside, and a few other sides as well, but a practitioner can be counted upon to find their own beautiful interior atmosphere, and spectacular setting, regardless of where the yogi happens to physically be located. Still, though, yoga devotees do seek out novel and gorgeous settings, such as beaches, places that inspire, calm, and further fill out the interior world of the one performing the poses. If you are hoping to commune with such a natural spot, arise from your mat and gaze upon The Switzerland of California, June Lake, and the Double Eagle Resort and Spa. True, much of June Lake, and the Double Eagle, has been under a good deal of snow over the one-for-the-books winter of 2016-2017. But balmier days are ahead, at least in terms of what "balmier" is in a higher-elevation setting, and the charming property is offering an attractive perk to yoga-loving guests. It's...

OUTDOOR YOGA, and it is free if you happen to be staying in one of the Double Eagle's not-too-rustic cabins, and it will all happen in view of those aforementioned, Switzerland-like peaks. In fact, if you've been to June Lake, you may have found yourself rather smitten with Carson Peak, one of the most dramatic formations in all of the Golden State. If sitting in Easy Pose within sight of this epic wonder, all on a great summer day, appeals, ask Double Eagle about their schedule of upcoming classes once temperatures begin to toast up. Can you close your eyes, focus your mind, and almost picture yourself at Carson's tippy-top point? It's a real communing-with-nature spot, June Lake, and a free yoga session will only further enhance that vibe.

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