Dr. Seuss's Limited-Edition Works of Art on Display in Solana Beach

A Solana Beach art gallery is showcasing some of Dr. Seuss's limited-edition works of art.

Dr. Seuss, best known for his children's books, created the original pieces decades ago his La Jolla home where he lived for more than 40 years with his wife Audrey.

The art pieces are now for sale and on display at the Exclusive Collections Gallery located at 212 South Cedros Avenue.

“This is a special Dr. Seuss exhibit we’re having,” said Teresa Burchak, an art consultant at EC Gallery.

Burchak says there are more than 100 pieces from the “Art of Dr. Seuss Collection” and says that the pieces are reproduced from Dr. Seuss’s original work.

“You basically cannot buy an original. It was never his intention to buy an original,” Burchak explained.

In addition to the exhibit, every Saturday and Sunday the gallery will have a story hour between 2 to 3 p.m. for kids.

Aside from showpieces, she says some of the work can only be seen here, which is why the exhibit is drawing in plenty of long-time admirers.

“I saw the sign outside and I said, oh I have to go in,” said Melissa Larsen, a second-grade teacher. “A lot of his messages encourage kids to be true to themselves. I think it’s a precious time period that he’s created and we’re lucky to have the books to remember him by.”

The exhibit will be run through August 18 in the gallery in Solana Beach's Design District, at 212 S Cedros Ave. 

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