Drake Criticizes Record Company For Removing Songs From His Blog

Drake is not exactly happy with his record label and he took to Twitter to express that.

The singer sent out a tweet criticizing Universal Records’ order to remove two of his songs—“Trust Issues” and “Marvin’s Room”—from his blog and other Web sites, Billboard.com reported.

“Universal needs to stop taking my f------ songs down. I am doing this for the people not for your label,” he wrote.

Universal Records had not responded to Billboard’s query for a comment.

The original versions of the songs have been removed from Drake’s blog, according to the Billboard story, but ‘chopped-up not slopped up’ versions of “Trust Issues” and “Marvin’s Room” are available there as streams.

In related news, Drake will be releasing his new album, “Take Care,” on Oct. 24. He will be embarking on his "Light Dreams and Nightmares" tour starting on Sept. 20 in Miami.

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