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Draper University Wants Younger Students

Venture capitalist Tim Draper set an age limit on Draper University's entrepreneurial seven-week course. It's only for 18- to 28-year-olds, he said.

"It's really deliberate," he told Press:Here. "We're catching them before their first startup."

That's not to say that Draper University doesn't accept older students, but they're herded to the educational facility's one-week executive program -- also at $10,000 ($8,000 early bird special.)

"If you're over 28, you don't have six weeks to spare," Draper said.

The age has been backed up by "statistical data," said Andrew Tang, Draper University's chief executive. The program has already had 300 students which have led to 150 businesses created and $20 million raised.

The school focused on a team-based approach, but also attempts to get the students comfortable in front of people and encourages them to take risks.

While there's no guarantee a startup will find interested venture capitalists, Draper said that he has invested in a few of his students' ideas.

"When they come out, if they're one of the top teams, we might put money behind them," Draper said. "I know I’m looking for somebody who’s going after a big market with a unique technology and a big vision, and hopefully a personality that attracts other people."

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