Dream Wheels: La Jolla Concours D'Elegance

The water-snug spectacular spotlights museum-worthy vroom-vrooms.

WARMER WEATHER, WOWZA WHEELS: There are many cute quotes and sayings and ol' chestnuts related to springtime, from the whole "in like a lion" bits of March to the "April showers bring May flowers" rhyme (or "Mayflowers," if you prefer), to the various chunks of wisdom that rightly says we long to be outdoors with the warm wind in our winter-tired hair. That warm wind in our winter-tired hair is easier to achieve if we're in a swanky vintage convertible, or standing next to the Pacific Ocean admiring swanky vintage convertibles while marine breezes play among our locks. That second dream is easy to achieve over the second weekend in April, when the La Jolla Concours d'Elegance turns its grills and hood ornaments towards La Jolla Cove and Ellen Browning Scripps Park. 

FRIDAY, APRIL 10 THROUGH SUNDAY, APRIL 12... are the 2015 dates, and the fender fabulousness starts off with a powerful engine roar: Rolls Royces are the stunning centerpieces of the opening night cocktail soiree. It's at La Valencia Hotel, and if you're trying to picture how all of that walnut and chrome shall look with the pink landmark in the back, well, daydream no longer: Tickets are still available (though they do go, go, go).

OTHER HAUTE HAPPENINGS... include the Tour d'Elegance, which has its starting point in Balboa Park and a 20-mile trip ahead (so if you're out and about in the San Diego area on Saturday, April 13 and you see a whole parade of museum-ready cars of lots of makes, that's what you're seeing). And Sunday, April 14 is when over three hundred of those tony, wheel-resplendent autos, from Bugattis to Cadillacs to Corvettes to Plymouth Fury convertibles line La Jolla Cove. Will you drive away in a vintage beauty with the April breeze in your hair? Well, if you arrived in one, you will. But there's nothing with a day of peeking at supple seats, glowing dashboards, and daydreaming about your future car find, a 1964 Ford Mustang or a 1934 Rolls Royce or...

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