‘Shame On You': Driver Gets $400 Ticket for Using Mannequin to Cheat Way Into Carpool Lane

Shame on you.

That's the message the California Highway Patrol has for anyone looking to cheat their way into carpool lanes. And oh, you'll also get a ticket for over $400.

A motorist received just that Thursday morning after being caught driving in the HOV lane with a mannequin in the passenger seat of their car. The driver -- and mannequin -- were headed westbound on Highway 4 in Contra Costa County when a CHP motorcycle officer pull them over.

CHP Officer Brandon Correita said motorists going to extreme measure like driving with a mannequin to ease their commute does not happen often. But this is not the first incident.

In March, another driver was ticketed for doing the same thing on Interstate 680 in the South Bay.

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