Driver in Self-Driving Car Caught Sleeping Behind Wheel

A video has been viewed more than 200,000 times

A driver of a self-driving car was caught sleeping behind the wheel on the 5 freeway near Santa Clarita, California. 

The incident was filmed by Clint Olivier's wife while he was driving. Both were shocked.

"It's really incredible to see a person sleeping behind the wheel of a car going 75 miles per hour on the 5 freeway in LA," said Olivier. "Even when it's happening you can't believe it's happening."

The video has been viewed more than 200,000 times, launching a techno debate. One Twitter user called the dozing driver just as dangerous as a drunk driver. However, another user praised the car's autopilot feature. 

This is not the first documented instance of sleeping while driving, with nappers caught mid-snooze on the 405 and on the way to Anaheim, California.

The driver did eventually wake up and resume driving the Tesla.

Tesla has not commented on the video but said the autopilot feature is intended for use for fully attentive drivers who have their hands on the wheel.

According to California Highway Patrol, drivers can be cited for sleeping while driving.  

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