Dropbox Founder Recall Steve Jobs Meeting With 4-Letter Adjective


Before Steve Jobs passed away he was actively working on several projects at Apple.

Some have been mere rumors, like Jobs reportedly negotiating with TV networks to create an a la carte cable rival, and others have been confirmed like a reported take over of Dropbox.

In an interview with Forbes, Drew Houston, the co-founder of the San Francisco-based storage company, said Jobs met with him and felow co-founder Arash Ferdowski in 2009.

The Apple co-founder reportedly tried to convince the two to sell their company to Apple but the two were not interested.

Houston described it as a surreal movement, with one of his tech heroes doing the pitch himself and using two hands to sit a cup of tea during the meeting.

After the two said they were not interested, Jobs reportedly told them that the startup was "a feature, not a product" and that Apple would be going after its market.

Fast forward to when Jobs announced iCloud earlier this year, the tech innovator specifically knocked Dropbox leaving Houston to respond: "Oh, shit."

Despite the threat and the launch of iCloud earlier this month, Houston is feeling pretty good about his company.

A glowing review by Fortune (see below), a $250,000 funding round and a $4 billion valuation don't hurt.

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