Good, EcoDog! New Tool Saves Energy

Now here's a new trick: EcoDog, a power management company, has created FIDO, a home energy monitoring system, and FIDO has fetched the top prize at San Diego's annual GadgetFest.

FIDO got both the judges' top score and the overall crowd vote to take the 2009 Greatest Gadget award. The product is billed as a home energy watchdog, and it allows users to view their electricity consumption and save 15-25 percent of their utility bill each month. FIDO shows room-by-room energy use so that users can see exactly where those dollars are going. This show marked FIDO's debut.

GadgetFest is put on by CommNexus San Diego, and is a forum for companies in the San Diego region to show their latest technologies. The show is gaining quite a pedigree: GrandCentral, which won two years ago, was acquired by Google shortly after the show, and Motorola's Q phone, Sling Media's Slingbox, and the RAZR, all debuted publicly at GadgetFest.

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