Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Plotting “World's End”

The 2004 release of the zombie apocalypse comedy "Shaun of the Dead" marked the arrival in the states of three great new talents, director Edgar Wright, and his co-writers/star Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. In 2007 they gave us the delightful serial-murderer thriller "Hot Fuzz," and have since promised a third installment in their "Ice Cream Trilogy," so named because they eat Cornetto ice cream in each film.

Yesterday came a glimmer of hope for the third film, in the form of a tweet from Wright, "hard at work," accompanied by the following photo:

We're not sure what exactly has been the hold up, but it's likely the fact that all three men have enjoyed quite a bit of success since "Shaun," with Wright making the overlooked "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," Pegg landing roles in "Star Trek," "Tintin" and "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol," and Frost re-teaming with Pegg for "Paul" and "Tintin," as well as "Attack the Block."

Wright is currently working on Marvel's "Ant-Man" movie, which is due in 2014, so it's doubtful we'll see much of "The World's End" before then.

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