Elastica CEO Gives Ways to Keep Your Company Safe

Rehan Jalil, the chief executive officer of cloud apps security firm Elastica, said there are only two kinds of companies -- those that have been hacked and those that "haven't figured out they have been hacked."

Jalil said that companies must understand the risk they have, especially larger companies. "If you are a large company with 10,000 employees, you will have millions of user accounts on which an attack can happen," he told Press:Here.

Those vulnerabilities are hackers' bread-and-butter, no matter how small or insignificant. "The government is not going (to protect everyone,) so the companies need to protect themselves," he said.

Jalil said that some of the problem is that companies refuse to believe it will happen to them, something he calls the "invincibility syndrome." Unfortunately, with so many logins and new apps for employees to use at work and at home, it's more likely to happen. While some companies can discourage use of applications, it's unlikely to work. If vulnerability were the problem, then we would still be working on typewriters rather than computers, he said.

"The bigger you are, the more vulnerable you are," Jalil said.

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