Eminem Sues Facebook For Song Use

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Eight Mile Style, a company that handles the rights to rapper Eminem's music, is suing Facebook and its ad agency for unauthorized use of his song "Under the Influence," according to a report. 
Eight Mile Style consists of Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers, and producers Mark and Jeff Bass, and their 12-page complaint filed in Detroit federal court alleges that the Facebook ad for Facebook Home was broadcast on April 4, according to Billboard.  
The 30-second ad, called "Airplane" by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy of Portland, Ore., was featured in a webcast by Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg to launch Facebook Home, according to USA Today. The complains contends that the ad agency used the music to "curry favor" with Zuckerberg, who reportedly likes Eminem's music and has referred to himself as "Slim Shady," another Eminem persona.
Facebook and the ad agency declined to comment on the lawsuit.
Previously Eight Mile Style sued Apple and Audi for unlawful use of  Eminem's "Lose Yourself". Both companies agreed to out-of-court settlements.
In today's world with YouTube and cameras everywhere, it's nearly impossible to try to hide possible copyright infringement. So far, it also seems Eight Mile Style is also very active in monitoring its song rights and licensing. With such a successful lawsuit track record, you might think there would be fewer ad agencies willing to take a risk on sounding like Eminem.
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