Facebook Copies Reddit

Facebook unveiled a new question-and-answer feature that looks a lot like Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" column. 

The new Facebook Q&A service seems to be geared more towards celebrities and is the Internet equivalent of a talk show appearance, according to BuzzFeed. So far, Facebook has used ABC News' Diane Sawyer answering user questions, which seems to look a lot like Reddit's except without the up- or downvoting. 

Using the celebrity Q&A would, of course, be a great draw for the social network, but it's puzzling the social network hadn't done it before. After all, it's Facebook Live has been working for a few years now, but lacks any charisma or promotion whatsoever. One would think this would have been a great venue for user questions.

Regardless, Facebook is starting the feature July 10 and with the lure of 1 billion users, few celebrity publicity agents would turn down an invite.

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