Facebook Debuts “Find Friends Nearby” to Stalk Your Pals

Facebook launched a new feature called "Find Friends Nearby" that lets users find their social network pals when they are physically around.

While an obvious foray into mobile, the service also comes a couple months after grabbing Glancee, a mobile app that helps users find others near them with similar interests, according to TechCrunch. "Find Friends Nearby" is also apparently called "Friendshake," but since it hasn't been officially unveiled by Facebook, the name could likely change.

This app seems similar to the creepy app, Girls Around Me, except you are supposed to at least know them slightly on Facebook. Perhaps that should be a lesson to us about friending people we barely know on Facebook -- now you will be able to be found on the street by any Facebook "friend." Frightening? Then you need to start whittling down your Facebook friends to who you want stopping you on the street.

We think that this will eventually be paired with Facebook's facial recognition software and then it might get a little crazy. Masks, anyone?

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