Facebook Deletes 2 Degrees of Separation

New study says the Kevin Bacon theory is out of touch.

Getty Images

Kevin Bacon just found another reason to be irrelevant -- just in case anyone but Kyra Sedgwick cares.

The actor can thank Facebook for eliminating the six degrees of Kevin Bacon theory. Now the Palo Alto-based social network has deleted two degrees to connect you with anyone else in the world.

A new study by Facebook says that the average person needs just 4.74 "hops" to get to connect with anyone else in the world.

And the number is shrinking.

In 2008, it took 5.28 degrees of separation to connect any two people in the world together. But more and more users on Facebook has shrunk the circle -- don't tell Google.

Facebook worked with researchers at the Università degli Studi di Milano in Italy to examine all 721 million of its active users.

The study comprised about 10 percent of the world’s population. friendships.

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