Facebook Drops Flowers and Teddy Bears

No more flowers, teddy bears and chocolates for your Facebook friends, because the social network is getting rid of them.

Instead, Facebook will be only offering virtual gifts and and gift cards, according to AllThingsD. Facebook began offering chocolates, socks and other objects last year and basically killed several social gifting startups in the process. It started rolling out Facebook Gifts just before the holiday season. Now, however, it's all ending because of users didn't apparently buy them.

Most of the gifts (80 percent) that were bought were virtual, according to Facebook. 

“We’re really making the decision based on user feedback,” Lee Linden, Facebook’s head of the Gifts told AllThingsD. “The physical stuff is interesting for sure, but our goal is to build stuff that’s really great for the majority of people who are using it.”

Facebook Gifts is expected to switch over this week.

Likely the biggest problem for Facebook an its partners was delivery, followed by tracking and customer service. In short, it was a pain to deliver physical goods. Virtual goods are so much easier and have a higher profit margin.
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