Facebook Lets You See What It Already Knows

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Facebook will now allow its users to download a record of all their detailed information about their social networking account using its "Download Your Information" tool.

Starting today, you will be able to download an expanded archive of your Facebook account history. First introduced in 2010, Download Your Information lets you get a copy of what you've shared on Facebook, such as photos, posts, messages, a list of friends and chat conversations. Now you can access additional categories of information, including previous names, friend requests you've made and IP addresses you logged in from. This feature will be rolling out gradually to all users and more categories of information will be available for download in the future. Download Your Information is available from your Facebook Account Settings.

Previously, Facebook allowed users to obtain a copy of photos, posts, messages, a list of friends and chat conversations dating back to 2010, but now the new data will be more detailed -- including where users accessed their account. Facebook said it would roll out the feature to its more than 800 million users gradually in the coming weeks.

However, the new tool will not give access to friends' information or photos, nor will users be able to backup comments they made on other people's posts, according to the Next Web.
We believe that many people may want to back up their Facebook information, because for many it is like having an online diary and a snapshot of their life for a year or two. And it's only right that Facebook give its users that option when so much of their users' information is given already to third parties
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