Facebook Releases Snapchat Rival, Slingshot, Worldwide

When Facebook was unable to buy Snapchat, it created its own version, Slingshot -- and it's now available worldwide.

Slingshot, an ephemeral messaging app, was launched in the United States earlier this month (once accidentally) but now the feature is available all over the world, according to the Guardian.

"Since we launched last week, we’ve heard from lots of people around the world who are excited to give Slingshot a try. Starting today, we’re expanding our initial launch and making Slingshot available internationally," according to a Slingshot blog post
Slingshot differs from Snapchat in that users have to send a picture to see a picture, but also has many of the same features, including self-destructing selfies and messaging. It also has the ability to reply with a single button, or "sling" a photo back to a sender, according to the report. Users must constantly keep in contact with one another and use a "React" button to send a message back. 
The new app from Facebook's Creative Labs will likely not rival Snapchat, but after paying $19 billion to purchase WhatsApp, and reportedly being turned down by Snapchat, Facebook has to have some messaging app to show for it, right?
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