Facebook Promotes ‘Facebook for Business’


Fresh on the heels of news that Google+ is still formulating its plan for businesses, Facebook released its "Facebook for Business," a guide for small businesses on how to use the social network.

The guide gives step-by-step instructions for setting up a page, engaging the community, and of course, promoting a business by buying Facebook ads. The new guide is interesting because it comes at the same time Google+ is still creating plan for businesses and restricting Google+ to individual users, GigaOm reported. That means that Google+ is also terminating business accounts when it finds them. (Businesses must sign up with Google+ to get on a waiting list.)

So is it a surprise that Facebook suddenly enters the picture with its welcoming business website? Not really. Facebook has embraced business for a while now and is always looking for ways to increase ad revenue. Google+, on the other hand, still hasn't come up with a business policy, much less an ad network, yet. We understand that's part of Google+'s charm, but its users have to know that its clean, ad-free interface is likely only a phase.

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