Facebook Begins Star Ratings

Facebook looks to be adding a five-star rating system for places on its social network, according to reports.

Some users reported seeing "rate these places" on Facebook accounts and giving users one to five stars to rate the place they have either visited or Liked, Inside Facebook reported. This could mean that the social network could be unveiling a "recommendation engine" for users much like it has in its App Center.

If Facebook uses the same engine for the App Center, it may be based on a random sample rather than strictly a popular vote, so it's harder to game the system, according to Inside Facebook. Facebook could also easily use the ratings system in a location-search feature and get into the user-generated review business.

The role of Facebook is to makes itself impossible to live without. By adding a location-search and user-generated reviews, it just could keep some users from using Google's seeming invulnerable search.

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