Facebook Targets Interests, Off-Site Behavior

Anthony DeSantis

Marketers can now find Facebook users based on demographics, interests and purchases, according to the social network.

The demographics of each users can be based on anything from financial to relationships or life events, according to Inside Facebook. Facebook's Core Audiences offers all these options to marketers and advertisers looking to create ads for its millions of U.S. users. Users can also be targeted by location, work, politics and education.

Through deeper location targeting, retailers can target people who live near chain stores or multiple locations. They can also exclude certain areas, such as certain zip codes within a state or city. With the Core Audiences demographic capabilities, marketers can aim Facebook ads at those who have recently changed their relationship status or other key markers, such as workplace and job title.
Previously we wrote about Facebook gathering data on users buying groceries and other products via loyalty cards and information suppliers last year, so it's not surprising that information is now available to those willing to buy Facebook ads. So far, the information seemed to be charming advertisers, such as General Motors who left the social network.
Facebook stressed how names will not be available and there will be some kind of randomization of the data, but it's all based on its users' information. For those unwilling to play Facebook's game (and that of information suppliers), that means not signing up for loyalty programs or cards and registering online. If not, your information is fair game.
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